Create a dark theme for `MainWebViewActivity`.
[PrivacyBrowser.git] / app / src / free / res /
2017-06-13 Soren StoutnerCreate a dark theme for `MainWebViewActivity`.
2017-05-19 Soren StoutnerUpdates about_licenses, adding the full text of the...
2017-04-28 Soren StoutnerFix build problem in release v2.2. v2.2
2017-04-27 Soren StoutnerMove the traditional Chinese files to the correct folders.
2017-04-27 Soren StoutnerUpdate list of ad servers from
2017-04-26 Soren StoutnerSetup the structure for a traditional Chinese translati...
2017-03-22 Soren StoutnerMove the progress bar to the bottom of the app bar...
2017-03-15 Soren StoutnerUpdated Spanish translation by Jose A. León Becerra...
2017-03-10 Soren StoutnerImplement a working two-paned mode for `DomainsActivity`.
2017-01-26 Soren StoutnerCleanup a few Spanish translations.
2016-12-26 Soren Stoutner`About Permissions` Spanish translation.
2016-11-25 Soren StoutnerInitial (partial) Spanish translation.
2016-11-16 Soren StoutnerCreate Java subpackage folders.
2016-11-05 Soren StoutnerImplement find on page.
2016-08-17 Soren StoutnerGerman translation by Aaron Gerlach <aaron@gerlach...
2016-06-10 Soren StoutnerFix the styling of the About tabs and AppBar.
2016-05-19 Soren StoutnerUpdate adView to use a SMART_BANNER for the free flavor.
2016-05-19 Soren StoutnerRemove unneeded Snackbars.
2016-03-24 Soren StoutnerCreate a blank navigation drawer.
2016-03-16 Soren StoutnerUpdate launcher icons to make them slightly larger.
2016-03-10 Soren StoutnerRelease version 1.1.
2016-03-09 Soren StoutnerUpdate URL link in copyright text at the beginning...
2016-02-24 Soren StoutnerUpdate icons. Release 1.0. v1.0
2016-02-23 Soren StoutnerCreate standard and free flavors. Add AdMob advertisem...