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2017-09-22 Soren StoutnerSpeed up the moving of bookmarks. https://redmine...
2017-09-18 Soren StoutnerRelease 2.6.
2017-09-13 Soren StoutnerImplement a night mode option. https://redmine.stoutne...
2017-09-05 Soren StoutnerUpdated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
2017-09-01 Soren StoutnerAdd a section to guide_user_agent.html explaining user...
2017-08-26 Soren StoutnerUpdate the changelogs and the fastlane (F-Droid) screen...
2017-07-04 Soren StoutnerUpdate Fastlane screenshots for F-Droid.
2017-06-23 Soren StoutnerRelease 2.4. v2.4
2017-06-23 Soren StoutnerFix the spinner font size.
2017-05-26 Soren StoutnerRelease 2.3. v2.3
2017-05-25 Soren StoutnerPrepare to release 2.3.
2017-05-15 Soren StoutnerAdd screenshots and localization for F-Droid.