Hide the tabs in full screen mode.
[PrivacyBrowserAndroid.git] / app / src / main / res / layout / main_framelayout.xml
2019-04-22 Soren StoutnerHide the tabs in full screen mode.
2019-04-22 Soren StoutnerFix scrolling to new tabs.
2019-04-18 Soren StoutnerMake SSL errors tab aware.
2019-03-23 Soren StoutnerFix closing of tabs.
2019-03-20 Soren StoutnerCreate separate progress bars for each tab.
2019-03-20 Soren StoutnerMove Clear and Exit to the top of the navigation menu...
2019-02-23 Soren StoutnerImpliment scrolling of the app bar. https://redmine...