Implement manual adding of cookies.
[PrivacyBrowserPC.git] / src / dialogs / DomainSettingsDialog.cpp
2022-04-22 Soren StoutnerImplement manual adding of cookies.
2022-04-19 Soren StoutnerInitial Cookies implementation using a QVBoxLayout.
2022-04-12 Soren StoutnerAdd a WebEngine Default user agent.
2022-04-11 Soren StoutnerCreate an add or edit domain settings action.
2022-04-11 Soren StoutnerDisplay the default zoom factor in domain settings.
2022-04-01 Soren StoutnerAdd controls for local storage. https://redmine.stoutne...
2022-03-29 Soren StoutnerAdd zoom factor domain settings.
2022-03-23 Soren StoutnerAdd User Agent to Domain Settings.
2022-03-19 Soren StoutnerSwitch the Domain Settings implementation to a Dialog.