Implement manual adding of cookies.
[PrivacyBrowserPC.git] / src / CMakeLists.txt
2022-04-22 Soren StoutnerImplement manual adding of cookies.
2022-04-19 Soren StoutnerInitial Cookies implementation using a QVBoxLayout.
2022-04-12 Soren StoutnerClear the URL line edit when navigating history. https...
2022-04-01 Soren StoutnerAdd controls for local storage. https://redmine.stoutne...
2022-03-30 Soren StoutnerFix the application of Domain Settings when navigating...
2022-03-23 Soren StoutnerAdd User Agent to Domain Settings.
2022-03-19 Soren StoutnerSwitch the Domain Settings implementation to a Dialog.
2022-03-11 Soren StoutnerBegin implementing Domain Settings using KXmlGuiWindow.
2022-02-15 Soren StoutnerReapply domain settings when the host changes.
2022-02-12 Soren StoutnerAdd search engine options.
2022-02-05 Soren StoutnerAdd user agent controls.
2022-02-03 Soren StoutnerEnable setting as the default browser.
2022-02-02 Soren StoutnerAdd JavaScript controls.
2022-01-31 Soren StoutnerEnable the forward and back mouse buttons.
2022-01-29 Soren StoutnerDisplay hovered link URLs in the status bar.
2022-01-28 Soren StoutnerAdd the URL line edit.
2022-01-27 Soren StoutnerAdd a web engine view.
2022-01-22 Soren StoutnerMake Privacy Browser installable.
2022-01-21 Soren StoutnerAt the PO template (translation) framework.
2022-01-18 Soren StoutnerAdd the icon.
2021-12-30 Soren StoutnerInitial commit.